Want to help people become less stressed, more focused and present, more creative, and generally a better team member? Want to be a better leader and help people become change agents for your organization?

You need to change behavior. You need behavior design.


Behavioral Design is the practice of designing for behavior change. During our How To Create Habits workshop, we teach science-based, simple, non-nonsense tools to change real world behavior. Our methods have helped dozens of Fortune 100 companies and countless individuals

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“This is a total paradigm shift!!! I am looking forward to working on being aware of anchors and creating tiny habits.”

- Christine, How To Create Habits workshop attendee


Is exercising a behavior?

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What You’ll Lean During How to Create Habits Workshop

  • How to create new habits consistently

  • How to select which habits to create to reach your goals and aspirations

  • How to use technology to help with your habit formation

  • How to break bad habits and crush it every day


“Energizing! For so many aspects of my life/job, it felt like someone took my hammer, refocused me in the right direction... and gave me a drill.” - Leanna

“This is a total paradigm shift!!! I am looking forward to working on being aware of anchors and creating tiny habits.” - Christine

"I like the option of small habits since it’s easy enough to do a little each day - then add as I get more comfortable. It’s hard to find a few hours - it’s easy to find two minutes.” - Kay

“Loved how interactive this workshop is, especially hands on activities!” - Brenda

“I enjoyed the presentation. Everything was easy to understand. The worksheet is an excellent reference to reinforce content moving forward.” - Luisa

“This was an awesome workshop that changed my mindset on behavior.” - Karen

“Engaging presentation with all the hands on opportunities.” - Lisa

“Very helpful! A lot of great detail and explanation. The workshop makes it seem like all goals are obtainable and starting small is the key.” - Neala

“I thought this workshop was extremely helpful and I’m now confident in my ability to form new habits.” Amanda

“Small steps and celebrations of them go along way toward accomplishing a daunting task.” - Jeff

“Amazing workshop!” - Chinelo

“It was really eye opening how impactful targeting a habit or behavior change can be if tied to a VERY specific action.” - Jaime

“Glen's workshop gave me simple language not only for myself but a way to share with my wife and kids so we could all try tiny habits.” - Aaron

“The workshop was wonderful! It made me think that giving yourself celebration can motivate you for changing your bad habits and creating new / healthy habits by creating realistic, easy and immediate gratification for yourself. ‘Emotions create habits.’ Thank you!” - Stephanie

“This was exactly what I needed today... so excited to try out what I learned!” - Denise

“You really inspired me. 
All new info, wonderful examples 
and great coaching.” - Mary


Photography provided by Melanie Erbar and Rui Carneiro