Here’s what others have said about working with me:

“You really inspired me. 
All new info, wonderful examples 
and great coaching.”
— Mary, How To Create Habits workshop attendee
“This is a total paradigm shift!!! I am looking forward to working on being aware of anchors and creating tiny habits.”
— Christine, How To Create Habits workshop attendee
“Glen Lubbert is one of the most thoughtful thought leaders I know. He is an amazingly incisive thinker and an inspirational human being. I am always impressed with Glen’s leadership style and frenetic, often contagious energy...and his genuineness. I wish there were more leaders out there like him.”
— Bob Kodzis, Chief Creative Catalyst at Flight of Ideas
“Glen is very passionate about every project he takes on. He has a very infectious and positive attitude and enjoys passing his knowledge on to others that are willing to learn.”
— Brian, colleague currently a Digital Marketing Consultant at ReachLocal 
“Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to have clients who not only give us the freedom to do great work, but inspire us to think bigger, bigger, bigger. Glen is just such a person. An entrepreneur, an innovator, and a visionary, Glen is an inspiration to me and I am forever thankful for having the opportunity to work with him and to watch him work.”
— Mark Fried, President Think Creative Advertising Agency